General terms & conditions of FREDERIQUE VAN HEESCH

  • Article 1 Definitions
    Frédérique van Heesch: a company established under Dutch law, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and registered with the Champer of Commerce under file number : 17266827
    Site: the website
    Customer: the natural person who visits the webshop or places or wished to place an order
    Product(s): the product(s) that FREDERIQE VAN HEESCH offers on the site
    Agreement: any arrangement or agreement between FREDERiQUE VAN HEESCH and the customer of which the General Terms and Conditions form an integral part.
    General terms and conditions: the present terms and conditions of Frédérique van Heesch.
  • Article 2 Applicability of the general terms and conditions
    These terms and conditions apply to every use of the webshop, every offer of Frédérique van Heesch in the webshop, every purchase of products via the webshop and all agreements concluded and to be concluded between Frederique van Heesch and the customer and associated obligations.
  • Article 3 Prices and Payment
    The prices indicated in the webshop are inclusive of VAT and are exclusive of shipping costs and taxes/ duties. The return shipping costs will be paid by the consumer. The total purchase price will be indicated when the order is placed.
    All prices and other information displayed on the Site could include typographical and/or programming errors. Frederique van Heesch cannot be held responsible for such typographical and/or programming errors and reserves the right to correct such errors at all times.
  • Article 4 Establishment of the agreement
    An order is placed by the consumer by completing the process in the webshop. An agreement is established once Frederique van Heesch has electronically confirmed the receipt of the order. In the event that Frédérique van Heesch has valid reasons for not entering into the Agreement, it is entitled to refuse an Order or to stipulate special conditions for fulfilment.
  • Article 5 Right to return
    The consumer will be entitled to return the product that has been delivered, within a term of 14 days after the product has been received. The product can not be used and should be retured undamaged and in its original and undamaged packaging. The consumer will not be permitted to exchange the Product for another Product. If the consumer wishes to purchase another product, the consumer will have to place a new order in the webshop.
    The consumer is responsible for the chosen method of the return. The risk of the Product will transfer to Frédérique van Heesch when Frédérique van Heesch has received the Product.
  • Article 6 Complaints
    We advise the consumer to check the delivered products immediately after receiving them. In case the products do not satisfy the consumers expectations, complaints can be sent within 14 days to
  • Article 7 Force majeure
    In a situation of force majeure all obligations of Frederique van Heesch will be cancelled. We speak of force majeure in case of strike, disturbances, natural disasters, transport problems, trade limitations, regardless if these occur at Frédérique van Heesch or its suppliers.
  • Article 8 Liability
    Frédérique van Heesch is not liable for any damages cost by the personnel of the products of Frédérique van Heesch or third parties directly or indirectly. Frédérique van Heesch is also not liable to pay compensation for any damages or loss the customes has inccurred as a result of a force majeure event. The liability of Frédérique van Heesch is always restricted to the purchase amount of the product in question.
  • Article 9 Privacy
    By providing his or her personal data, the customer agrees that Frédérique van Heesch may use these data to contact the Customer and process the data described in the privacy statement.
  • Article 10 Final provisions
    The general terms and conditions and the agreement are exclusively construed in accordance with and shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands.