Before you are going to wear your Frédérique van Heesch bag, make sure she is applied with a water and stain repellant , these are
available at your local shoemaker. Our bags made from lighter colored sauvage leather are sensitive to spots. Deep or darker colored clothing can easily transfer
to our bags, especially when walking in rainy weather. Spots on suede can be removed by using a suede brush. Be careful with darker colored suede bags;
the color could transfer to light colored clothing.



Leather is a natural material. Due to the coloring process of our leathers, colors may vary from time to time. We try to show you our bags on our website as good as
possible, but all computer monitors may display our colors a bit differently from time to time. Therefore, we will not be able to exercise control over the color accuracy.
Variations in texture are also a result of our ancient tanning processes; this gives your Frédérique van Heesch bag her beautiful and unique look.


If you want to store your purchase for any length of time, you can do best in the included black dustbag, not in a plastic bag. Leather is a natural product
and should be able to breathe. Fill the bag with old newspapers, so that it retains the shape.